Texas Civil Rights Review
Texas Open Records Request
Re: 2003 Task Force on Admissions
Report & Memo, Aug. 29, 2003

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A&M Buries Report

On Aug. 29, 2003, the President's own taskforce on admissions made 'strong' recommnedations for affirmative action in admisssions. And that was the last anybody saw of it.

Thanks to the Texas A&M Student newspaper, TheBatt.Com, we found a Dec. 3 story that mentioned a task force on admissions. So we asked for a copy of the report via open records. And we found a state-of-the-art, post-Grutter, well-crafted policy for the "narrowly tailored" use of race in admissions practices. We also found a cover memo that already recognizes a president's arguments in opposition to the proposal. The president says he thought a lot about it. But he did not share the findings for public consideration.