Free the Children Now! Nonviolent Campaign to Start Next Week


Dallas real-estate developer Ralph Isenberg is announcing the formation of “Free the Children Now!”–a civil rights, civil liberties, and human rights coalition to end the imprisonment of children in America.

“Beginning next week, we’re going to be orchestrating nonviolent demonstrations in front of every single Congressional and Senatorial office across the state of Texas,” said Isenberg.

“And anytime anybody comes to Texas running for office they will be met by demonstrations asking the children to be freed from prison now.”

The first meeting of the coalition is scheduled for Thursday afternoon at Isenberg’s Dallas offices. He said a definite schedule will be released shortly after that meeting.

Along with pressure on Texas elected officials and candidates seeking support of Texas voters, Isenberg said the coalition will be asking activists and elected leaders in other states to join the drive.

“We will stop our demonstrations when every single facility that imprisons children is shut down,” said Isenberg Wednesday night in a telephone interview with the Texas Civil Rights Review.

“We’re asking all decent people to join us,” he said.

Ralph Isenberg can be reached at

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Social Democrat

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