ICE Will Contest Papa Ibrahim's Release

Email from John Wheat Gibson

To all interested in the bond hearing of Salaheddin Ibrahim in the Immigration Court at Dallas, Texas:

We just received notice of the true reason the Immigration Court Clerk postponed the date of Salaheddin Ibrahim’s custody hearing from today (7 February 2007) to tomorrow. The BICE came up with two witnesses today that it wants to have testify why Mr. Ibrahim should be kept in prison. The Gestapo wants them to testify by telephone. Obviously, the Gestapo wanted more time to bring in these witnesses, and was not ready yesterday.

John Wheat Gibson


Note: In a follow-up phone call, Gibson says he received a fax about 2:30 pm from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office of Chief Counsel advising him that Deportation Officers McCormack and Gilberg would be testifying about Salaheddin Ibrahim’s “flight risk and danger to the community.”

The testimonies will be conducted telephonically to accomodate the schedules of the officers.

Salaheddin’s brother Ahmad said he cannot imagine any serious issues that could be presented.

“My brother is a legal resident of the USA. His children haven’t seen him for three months. He needs to go back to his family,” said Ahmad.

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