FREE SUZI NOW! Emergency Medical Alert

Email from Jay Johnson-Castro, with forwarded message from Hazahza family friend, concerning distressing news about Suzi’s medical condition at the Rolling Plains prison in Haskell, Texas. At the end of the message, Jay suggests another vigil.–gm


This is an S.O.S. !!!

Please read the following dishonesty of Emerald Correctional Healthcare’s website and then read the plea for help for Suzi Hazahza.

Emerald Correctional Healthcare was created because of the unique challenges to healthcare providers and corrections management teams working at Emerald Correctional Management facilities. There is a definite need to provide specialized treatment, and the documentation necessary to improve medical services.

The goal of the Emerald Correctional Healthcare management team was not to sacrifice quality care because of increasing costs but to improve detainee medical care and upgrade the communications between the on-site medical team and the Medical Director’s staff with a more effective and efficient plan of operations.

With more than 60 years of experience, the professional staff has developed a quality care and communications plan which maximizes the quality of care. It provides a communications management system and secure, on-line information database used in all Emerald Correctional Management facilities. This system is now available for your correctional facility.

Emerald Correctional Healthcare raises the bar for providing correctional healthcare services. The team, led by our Medical Director and the full-time medical staff of professional and dedicated healthcare providers is delivering a cost-effective, innovative, high-quality medical care plan.

Now…today…from Reza Barkhordari…Suzi’s fiancé…


Dear Greg,

Please be advised that I received a disturbing phone call from Mirvat Hazahza at 10:00 PM Sunday March 4th regarding the Suzi’s critical medical condition. She was crying so hard that I could barely understand what she was trying to convey to me. I was told that Suzi has been experiencing extreme pain in her heart, chest area, and left hand accompanied by numbness on the right side of her body.

Later when I spoke with Suzi over the phone I was informed that she was given Maalox as a remedy to deal with the condition. Her condition has gotten worse since last night. She was examined at the facility Medical Room on Monday 5th. She was told by the nurse that this facility is not equipped with the necessary equipment to differentiate between a Heart Attack and a Panic Attack.

Her sister, Mirvat, made a phone call at 4:30 PM [Tuesday afternoon?] to inform me that Suzan had experienced another attack and been taken to the Medical Room once again. I made a phone call to inquire about this case and was denied an explanation.

Apparently as of yesterday she is being treated with medication for anxiety attack, I assume some sort of anti-depressant. Her condition has not changed and she is regularly experiencing pain in her heart and chest area.

Ted Cox has been informed of this matter and they are contacting the appropriate authorities for the immediate release of Suzi for emergency medical examination. We have not yet heard anything back.

Please pray for her health.

Thank you,

Reza Barkhordari


Jay adds:

It’s time to go back to Haskell…!!! Anyone willing to do a vigil?

Stay tuned…


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