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Let the UN Do its Job! A mid-Day Report from Vigil VIII

“We have a new sign out here. It says ‘Let the U.N. Do its Job!” says Jay Johnson-Castro via cell phone from Taylor, Texas.

“Toddlers are not terrorists!” chants the spirited crowd of 20 as Jay huffs and puffs into the phone to keep up with the Jericho walkers. The time is 1pm Central Daylight.
“LULAC is here, the Texas Indigenous Council, the Democratic Party of Williamson County, a few new residents of Taylor, and Teye. We also have members of Galleon from San Antonio and Chicago.”

Walking beside Jay is the new reporter for the Taylor Daily Press, Tessa Moll. A car honks several times in friendly rhythms.

“Yeah, that’s a gentleman who came out to take some pictures,” explains Jay. “Now he’s leaving.”

At 10:00 a.m. Jay met television media who had come on time from San Antonio and Univision. In the play area across the street at the T. Don Hutto prison, they could see a handful of children outside in prison uniforms. A few hours later, there were many more children on display in the play area, and none were dressed in prison clothes.

“It’s all for show,” says Jay. “Another deliberate trick by this willfully dishonest administration. They rule by deception and distraction. But we know we have a role out here, and the role is the voice of the people.”

Word through the grapevine says UN Rapporteur for Human Rights of Migrants Jorge Bustamante is in the Austin area, still working on permission to visit Hutto.

“We’re outraged that the USA will not allow a Human Rights Rapporteur to inspect the human rights of Hutto. But we also look at it as something that works well with our message.”

“No Child Behind Bars!” comes the next chant. The Jericho walk continues into the day. . . . See Video Report from KXAN-TV

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