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La Humanidad No Tiene Fronteras

Hutto Vigil Nine: Please join us in our ninth effort to end the incarceration of families with children in prison cells 35 miles to the northeast of us in Taylor, Texas.

WHEN: Saturday, June 9, 2007, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

WHERE: T. Don Hutto Prison, 1400 Welch, Taylor

Humanity has no Borders

Humanity is priceless. No matter how rich and powerful corporations may be, they do not own our Humanity. Being financially well off does not make you more of a human, just as being an asylum-seeking refugee does not make you a lesser human. We have one thing in common, one thing that makes us all equal: our fragile humanity.
We Native People know of the inhumanity of this government. Our ancestors were the first people in America’s prison camps. The reservation system has been and continues to be a horror. Today’s Private Prisons for Profit may not be murdering people outright, but the imprisonment of families, children in particular, kills the human spirit in all of us: victims, perpetrators, exploiters, facilitators, and all those who do nothing to stop it.

We invite musicians, artists, poets, rappers, comics, street writers, students, teachers, activists, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles . . . people who care to join us this coming Saturday. Take a stand for JUSTICE and help Free The Children!!

Contact: Antonio Diaz, San Antonio, Texas Indigenous Council, 210-396-9805 or call 866-598-0699 for car pooling from Austin.

SPONSORS: Free the Children Coalition: Cesar E. Chavez March for Justice, Texas Indigenous Council, MADRES, LULAC District 7, Brown Berets of San Antonio, Southwest Workers Union, Children and Families Humane Treatment Alliance, Fuerza Unida, Texas Criminal Justice Coalition

DIRECTIONS: Take IH35 exit 253 for 79 east to Round Rock. The town of Hutto is a few miles west of Taylor and not to be confused with Hutto prison. Keep driving. One mile past Maxwell Dodge on right, take exit 79 North/Rockdale. Continue .7 mile, look for Williamson Co. Equipment Co, and turn left on Edmond shortly thereafter. Edmond ends at Welch. Right onto Welch, parking lot is about 1/10 mile on right.

Let’s close Hutto Prison and let the Children and Their Mothers Free.

Esta es Nuestra Tierra. Esta es Nuestra Lucha;

This is our Land. This is Our Struggle. Si se Puede.

Coming soon: Hutto Vigil Ten, a nationwide gathering to be cosponsored by Amnesty International and a coalition of other human rights groups at T. Don Hutto on June 23rd. Details in coming weeks.

See Hutto:

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