Johnson-Castro: Dispatch on Border Wall Resistance

DEL RIO, TX (Januar 7, 2007) Afternoon Border Ambassadors, Freedom Ambassadors, friends and allies…

Attached are three documents.

12/7/7 Transcript of Chertoff addressing his threatening letter to property owners on the Texas-Mexico border [chertoff.pdf]

12/7/7 Chertoff threat of eminent domain to Eloisa Tamez [eloisa1.pdf]

1/7/8 Legal notice to Chertoff from Attorney Peter Schey [schey.pdf]

Everyone knows that the US Government has long formed and supported puppet governments all over the world. Unfortunately, in the process, the US has often propped up cruel dictators that wielded unrestrained tyrannical power over their own people…from China to the Middle East, from the South Pacific to all over the Americas. It seems to go with the territory of being a world power…and now a global power. It doesn’t seem to bother every day Americans very much…just as long as the local economy is comfortable and we have plenty of malls, box stores and buffets. So, what does that say about the moral values of our government, let alone “we the people”?

Since the beginning of this decade, the 21st century, this millennium…the worm has turned. We have seen our own government turn on its own people like a cannibalistic rabid dog chewing on its own leg. What is happening is incomprehensible…but we shouldn’t be shocked. We have been heading in that “what you sow you reap” direction for a long time now. What more proof do we need than to look at the Department of Homeland Security.

The current Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security is unquestionably one more puppet government…but this time with domestic dictatorial powers. Dictatorial powers over “we the people” of the United States. As an acid test, let’s just ask ourselves…”How many Americans presume that their phone is tapped and that their e-mail intercepted?”

Just thirty days ago today, on December 7, 2007, Michael Chertoff sent out a threatening letter to American citizens who reside on the Texas border with Mexico, as well as to organizations like the University of Texas-Brownsville, folks who have exercised their rights and have refused to allow federal access to their private lands that the proposed border wall would cut through. If the property owner has not allow access, in his letter, Chertoff promises swift action against them, threatening to not forced entry to their land, but to confiscate it…seize it. A letter to one such recipient, Eloisa Tamez, a Native American, is attached. Today is the the deadline for all such recipients of that threatening letter , as Eloisa, to acquiesce to Chertoff…or else!

Also attached is the transcript of Chertoff’s December 7, 2007 press conference on that same day in which he address that December 7th threat to border property owners. I have taken the liberty of highlighting many of his select rhetoric. Any Texan, any American…any person who has any sense of liberty…should be appalled at such dictatorial arrogance.

When one looks at his ridicule of the Texas border residents with his “not in my backyard” accusations, his threatening rhetoric of eminent domain, all the way to the sending in of Blackhawks, one has to agree that we don’t need a dictator to be shaping the future of our country with unilateral and undemocratic, un-American and immoral decisions. In his 12/7/7 press conference, he clearly shows how he is using gradualism to heavily militarize the entire border, doubling the forces and “going to the next level”. He already acknowledges that not only the ACLU is his adversary, but the Chambers of Commerce as well.

There is a rapidly growing coalition of Americans that is standing up to this dictatorial regime. The third attachment is the letter that is being sent today, January 7, 2008, to Sec. of DHS, Chertoff. It is being submitted by Peter Schey of the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law, in behalf of Eloisa Tamez, sending a volley back to Chertoff that his dictatorial powers have no legitimate standing in this country.

In a totally legal, democratic and peaceful way, this growing coalition has been saying “Hell No!. You will not build a wall of apartheid on American soil…let alone here in Texas”. In a historic stand of solidarity, this alliance has been forming that represents a vast number of facets of America…with the exception of the ruling elite, the racist supremacists and the xenophobic. Our alliance crosses all barriers. We have the environmentalists, the faith based groups, the economists, the elected officials…from mayoral to Congressional, the law enforcement, the indigenous, the academic, the youth, veterans and every day grass roots Texans and Americans. Even the media. As Americans, we are standing tall against this domestic puppet dictatorship.

If you or your organization would like join in this growing coalition to oppose the construction of a Berlin-like wall and the militarization of our borderlands, please let us know.

Please feel free to post, share and circulate this information.

In solidarity…

Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.

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