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Villarreal: What Matters is Who Graduates

“The legacy program at A&M counters the worthy goal of closing the gaps in Texas

institutions,” said [Texas Rep. Michael] Villarreal, a 1992 A&M graduate.

He was

referring to the state’s “Closing the Gaps” initiative to bring about greater parity in college

attendance and graduation rates….

Instead of concentrating on an affirmative action

admissions policy, Gates has embarked on efforts to award more scholarships to needy, first-generation

college students and to intensify outreach efforts in urban areas. Last summer, the school opened a

center in HemisFair Plaza to facilitate applications for admissions, housing and financial


But Villarreal said he would give the university an “F” thus far in addressing

minority enrollment.

“They may be great efforts, but they are going to be judged on how

their minority numbers improve,” he said. “What really matters is who attends and who eventually

walks across the stage.” [Matt Flores, 1/8/2004]. Villarreal, D-San Antonio, noted

the inconsistency of A&M passing up an opportunity to increase minority enrollment because that would

“amount to special treatment of a specific set of the student population, then in the next breath

continuing a program that does exactly that for a segment of the student population already

disproportionately represented.” [Todd Ackerman & Clay Robison


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