Border Wars, Corruption Top Drug Stories for 2005

Gunfights in Nuevo Laredo and police corruption top Scott Henson’s top
ten list of Texas Drug War stories for 2005. The shooting wars at
the border are about control of Interstate Highway 35, says
Henson. Meanwhile a border sheriff stands convicted of favoring
some drug operators while busting others. At this point we’d like
to yawn and make reference to the Ginsberg thesis, that the drug war
has always been a prohibition style war over who gets favored and who

gets busted. It was the Reagan White House after all that was
nearly outed for running a wholesale cocaine op under direction of Col.

In Dallas, who got busted didn’t even depend on drugs at all, but a
scam involving throwdown chalk! So the Governor has reined in
renegade drug task forces has he? The Texas Civil Rights Review
contributed a story to the effort, but we can’t help remembering that
this means ultimate busting authority along Texas highways will soon be
safely restored to the Department of Public Safety. Are we
yawning again? Sorry. It’s quite early in the year still,
and we’re having trouble waking up to the news.
Henson’s top ten list at Grits for Breakfast

By mopress

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