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Coleman, Ellis, & Bledsoe: Return to Affirmative Action

“This is a win for every student whose parents didn’t attend A&M,”

said state Rep. Garnet Coleman, D-Houston. “But I’m disappointed that race and ethnicity have not

been reinstated as one of many factors in the admissions process.”[Todd Ackerman Jan. 9,

2004, 10:40PM]

“We know that A&M is a school that is built on traditions and talks

about the A&M family and traditions as one of its attributes. So, yes, it’s clear they wanted to keep

[new students] in the bloodline,” said state Rep. Garnet Coleman, D-Houston, who had called for

legacy’s elimination. “The other outreach programs were akin to looking for stepchildren.”[John LeBas January 10, 2004]

The same sentiment was voiced by state Sen. Rodney Ellis, D-

Houston, who said “most right-thinking people still should be appalled because A&M is so

overwhelmingly white and is not using one of the tools — the consideration of race in admissions —

that could help it diversify;” and by Bledsoe, who said A&M has taken “a small step in the right

direction, but eliminating the program won’t repair the wrong done.”
[Todd Ackerman Jan.

9, 2004, 10:40PM]

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