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New Year Message from Ramsey Muniz

Dear Friends:
The words below came to Ramsey in his dreams, as do most
of his writings. He is regaining his strength, and believes
that his life has been renewed. Ramsey asked that I share
the enclosed, and submit the words as shown below.–Irma Muniz

Soy 21st Century Mexicano

It’s so beautiful! Our ancient stone masons were the greatest
architects! They left us a foundation upon which we are building our
temple in Aztlan. Just being "tribe" (love, comradeship, equality), we
are a cultured people of men and women like yourselves; we are the
living house of the temple. We are creating an awareness in Aztlan that
is so healthy that we are a "life force." We shall always be good
health for one another. The information (cultural and spiritual) that I
am submitting to you, mi raza, is giving us a clarity our builders
possessed in the time of Aztlan. I know that one day…one morning…their
children and we, the descendants, would also do our homework and create
Mexicayotl (consciousness) and learn their craft and use it not only to
rebuild the temple, but also to rebuild ourselves
We are the most exquisite living art – an art form that is
Nahuatl. We not only sound beautiful, we are beautiful! The beauty and
intensity of our love for one another is equal to that divine love that
our ancient stone masons shared with our people during the dawn of our

Now we are doing our homework and learning the connection
between the stone masons of Aztlan and the free and accepted
Mexicans of the present day, so as to understand perfectly the process
by which our origin changed from an operative art to a speculative
science. And so, we must attentively study and thoroughly digest these
ancient records of our forefathers.

The Mexican codices are essential to our studies. We must
acquire them because we know that they refer historically to the
regeneration of our lives! Nosotros somos la fuerza de vida nueva de
"los masons de una vez – en un tiempo de Aztlan." We must learn how to
rebuild ourselves step by step – degree by degree. We must not reject
the signs. Every keystone they placed in the center of every arch shall
"spiritually" secure firmness
and stability in our lives. Every cornerstone they laid with
impressive ceremonies were done in our honor; and since
the cornerstone is the stone which lies at the corner of the foundation
of an edifice.

We are the living permanence and durability of the cornerstone of Aztlan – well-formed, true and everlasting.

Mexi (me-sheek) is the master builder of souls, and in
Torquemada’s Monarquia Indiana we learn that Mexi gave us his name,
proclaiming us to be materially worthy of the spiritual building of
eternal life – fitted as living stones for that house not made with
hands -eternal in Tamoanchan.

Tezcatlipoca, Mexi’s archangel, is the chief corner-stone and in
Mexicayotl (la masoneria Mexicano) symbolism, the "chief
cornerstone" signifies a true Mexican. Tezcatlipoca is our
"mirror of destiny," the mirror of understanding and the imagination.

No soy Latino/Americano
No soy Mexicano/Americano
No soy Chicano
No soy Hispanico/Latino
Soy 21st Century Mexicano!!!
Watch me rise!!!

This is me…this is my life…this is my destiny!!!

Ramsey "Tezcatlipoca" Muniz

Note: Received via email from Irma Muniz, Dec. 31, 2005

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