Media Catching Up to Ibrahim Family Injustice

An email from Rita Zawaideh of the Arab American Community Coalition of Washington State ( brings word of two Dallas media success stories. The story of the Ibrahim family abduction is seeing the big sky of day in Texas.

Brett Shipp of WFAA-TV Dallas begins a report with the words “inhumanity” and “atrocity.”

Speaking of Shipp, Jay Johson-Castro sends word that “Shipp says one cannot imagine the amount of ‘hate mail’ he has received today. Please let your support of this story be known to him at as well as to your friends, business associates, etc. who believe in our country and the ideals it portrayed when our ‘immigrant’ ancestors arrived.” We have sent word to Mr. Shipp that we appreciate his reporting. Have you?
As for believing how much hate mail Mr. Shipp gets, of course we can. That hate mail is evidence of the political appetite that the Ibrahim arrest was supposed to satisfy in the first place, the weekend before the November election.

At the Dallas Morning News, Paul Meyer and Frank Trejo, along with Dianne Solis, quote New York immigration attorney Theodore Cox, who is filing habeas corpus pleas in Dallas and Austin today. Meyer and Trejo credit Cox’s involvement to Zawaideh and Dallas real-estate developer Ralph Isenberg.

The DMN story ends with a paragraph describing the mail that Ahmad Ibrahim gets on behalf of his jailed relatives, including 15-year-old Hamzeh:

Another letter arrived recently, this one from the Richardson school district. The letter was to inform Salaheddin that his son Hamzeh had been absent from or tardy for classes at Berkner High School for 35 days since Aug. 14. The absences, the letter said, could make the parents guilty of a Class C misdemeanor, “contributing to truancy.”

This major-market coverage breaks an important threshold in public awareness. Well done, Rita!

The Ibrahim story also breaks into the Austin media market thanks to a story by Diana Welch of the Austin Chronicle, with a picture featuring the Kopit family at Vigil III. These corporate media outlets get their phone calls returned from immigration spokespeople, if only to be told that nothing can be said: “due to – you guessed it – ‘reasons of homeland security.’ ”


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