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Ibrahim Asylum Miracle Makes World News, But Don't Forget the Others

Our chronicle of efforts to bring attention to the abduction of the Ibrahim family comes to a dramatic conclusion this evening with the release of a dispatch by Associated Press reporter Anabelle Garay that is already posted at the International Herald Tribune and Haaretz.

The AP reports that the Ibrahim family has been granted a welcome change of fortunes in its dealings with the USA Bureau of Immigration Affairs, but the story does not convey a sense of how unusual and historical this reversal is for a family of Palestinian heritage.

With the Ibrahims’ appeal for asylum reopened, they are no longer subject to the paperwork that was used to arrest them in the first place, and we guarantee that the family will be free sooner than anyone can guess.

Now the time comes to ask about the other two families of Palestinian heritage who were arrested the same day as the Ibrahims–the Suleimans and Hazahzas. But beyond that, we encourage readers and reporters alike to stay tuned for the end game of this struggle, which is to shut down the T. Don Hutto prison for children, along with every jail like it.–gm

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