Ibrahim Case Makes Legal History, Deportation Suspended

Email from John Wheat Gibson, Esq.

“Amazing Grace”

Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007 16:06:13 -0600

Muchachos y muchachas,

The Board of Immigration Appeals today granted my motion to reopen the Ibrahim family’s asylum case, and send it back for the immigration judge to consider their asylum claims again. Now there is no excuse for the Gestapo to keep the children in prison any longer.

I don’t know how much effect the hard work of Jay Johnson, Greg Moses, Brett Shipp and others may have had on the BIA decision, but I am mighty grateful for it.

John Wheat Gibson

Email from Johsua E. Bardavid, Esq.</em

[Fri, 02 Feb 2007 21:03:54 -0500]

Hi Greg:

Incredible news. The Board of Immigration Appeals by miracle decided to reopen the claim for asylum by the Ibrahim family.

Mr. John Wheat Gibson, the attorney who had represented the Ibrahim’s in the claim for political asylum had filed a motion to reopen to the Board of Immigration Appeals back in November. This motion asserted that the conditions in the Occupied Territories had changed such that it warranted the granting of asylum to the Ibrahims, notwithstanding the prior ruling of the immigration judge. It had been pending since then, and one now the Board decided to grant the motion.

I have never heard of the Board granting such a motion for Palestinian asylum seekers before,
even though many people have tried.

I believe that the pressure put on the government by the actions filed in the federal courts, the media attention (including your work in documenting this case), and good work and thorough preparation of Mr. Gibson in his motion on behalf of the Ibrahims resulted in this outcome.

In short, we believe the Ibrahims will be released from detention within a few weeks, and hopefully, their
asylum application will be resolved by an immigration judge in the next few months. The Board’s decision means that, right now, *the Ibrahims are no longer subject to an order of removal*. This is the best news that we could have hoped for.

Take care and thanks for your help.


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