CounterPunch Readers Reply to 'So Little Seen'

Comments listed in order received–gm

Did you attend all 19 hours? If so, well done. It seems we can write off the mainstream press. And that is a HUGE problem. Our collective ignorance just grows.

you did great work on covering the hearing.

Amen Brother!

You tell it like it really is in Texas! There are too many corrupt Republicans which will do whatever
it takes, legal or illegal to retain control of our
state. Just look at one of the worst on District remapping-Tom Delay.

We need to expose these b******** for what they are! Texas wasn’t always this way! Oh To have back the days of Ann Richards! I want my Great State of Texas back! How can I help? Who should I write? I WANT JUSTICE!

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Mr. Moses,
You have a keen eye for information. Thanks for revealing your information in such distinct precision. Remember, we now have a Department of Education executive who is willing to ask congress not to fund PBS. PBS is the last free bastion of educational journalism and offers neutral and factual coverage that is informative. You offer that same principle and integrity. It is up to professionals like you to find a way to reveal what is really going on, to the public.

Thank you.

Keep Up the Good Work!

Dear Mr. Moses,
Does the Texas Civil Rights Review have anything like a ListServ that sends updates &/or announcements of new articles that have been added to the web site? Ever since Nov. 2, 2004, I’ve focused more & more on getting my news on the Internet. A Brit told me years ago about his poor opinion of the MSM [mainstream media] in the U.S.A. I’m just now starting to see the truth of his words.

I heard your interview on KPFK this morning [Uprising with Sonali Kolhatkar, Feb. 1, 2005]. If you have a list-serve, please put me on it, but please keep in touch.

Thank you for reporting what was ignored by Texas journalists. It is further proof of my theory that many of the election irregularities in 2004 were conducted under radar. Unfortunately the Democratic party is not forceful enough to get investigations underway every location where problems were indicated in 2004: Ohio, Florida and Virginia are but some of the locations.

I appreciate your humor and honesty.

Great story Greg. Thanks for putting this out there. You think someone would be interested in these voters who were moved without their knowledge. Or better yet how about that evidence tampering. As you say not one peep from all those media eyes covering this.

Good work on your part.

Gee Texas politics is replete with incidents like this. We got tired of the (for the “little people”) democrats running this state.

If you really want to enlighten your readers about election fraud delve into history a little bit and chronicle the Democrats in the 60’s having dead people in Duval and Webb counties voting- and more than once! Your readers jaws will drop at the blatant good ol’ boy strong arm tactics.

You treat all this like its new. Sam Rayburn, Maury Maverick Sr. and LBJ ran this state like it was their own little socialist municipality.

Their rules ruled. Period. The liberals have been out flanked in this state and they won’t be in power for at least another 30 years- and it is of their own doing.

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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