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Archive: Press Release from Rita Zawaideh

An action alert and photos of the Ibrahim children, circulated by Rita Zawaideh, played pivotal roles in the growing awareness that made release of the Ibrahim family possible. Below is her press release just received–gm

The Ibrahim family mother and the children have been released

On behalf of the Arab American Community Coalition (AACC) of Seattle we want to thank all of those groups and individuals who have contributed to the release of the Ibrahim family from the Hutto Detention Center, and hopefully shortly from the Haskell Detention Center for the father.
We would like to particularly thank Ralph Isenberg of Dallas for his thoughtful and relentless efforts to bring this ordeal to this satisfactory conclusion.
Without his efforts, it is doubtful that this positive result would have been achieved.

We would also like to thank the legal teams , namely Theodore Cox, Joshua Bard avid, Domingo Garcia and John Wheat Gibson.

This ordeal should not have started, in the first place, since none of the detainees represented any danger to this community. On the contrary, they were positive contributors, in every respect, to their community. Furthermore, the Ibrahim family was subjected to transgressions in the application of many laws, not to mention the less than humane treatment at the Hutto facility, for children of such age.

We thank the members of the press for their attention to the plight of the Ibrahim family and who contributions must have alerted the officials to the proper attention this case should have gotten and to the fact that is was not going away.

We want to thank all the supports and organizations that wrote letters on their behalf and also supported them monetary for their legal fees.

We wish the Ibrahim family a normal and legal life, whatever they chose to live, in the immediate and the far future.

Wagih Abu Rish

Rita Zawaideh

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