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Bardavid: Don't Forget the Unnamed Children

Email from Joshua E. Bardavid, Esq.

Hi Greg — Once again, you are exactly on point in your posting “Ibrahim Asylum Miracle Makes World News, But Don’t Forget the Others.” What was achieved in this case was an individual victory. It is a long-overdue provision of justice to the Ibrahims. But we should not allow it to be a systemic defeat.

Most people I have talked to in the past 12 hours
agree that, by releasing the Ibrahims, the authorities hope to turn off the glare that has been focused on the CCA owned Hutto facility and ICE’s detention policies in general. Lest we forget, the Ibrahims have
walked out of a facility today in which many unnamed children remain.

In this regard, I also want to acknowledge the efforts of the Arab American Community Coalition of Seattle, Washington, who spearheaded the efforts to bring attention to this case, and continue to raise awareness of ICE’s detention policies around the country.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help in the future. Thanks, and as I said before, keep shining the light!


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