Coretta Scott King: Grand Mujer del Mundo

By Irma Muniz "Citlalmina" and Ramiro R. Muniz "Tezcatlipoca"

Mexicanas/Latinas of the Sixth Sun salute with
our hearts and love, Coretta Scott King, who will be
remembered as one of our founding mothers of liberation
and justice of the coming new American of the world.
Women of all races have witnessed the epitome of strength,
courage, and perseverance during the most difficult
times of struggle note only for civil rights, but for
women’s rights in America. We will continue with the same
guidance, inspiration, and spirituality of struggle for
the restoration of peace, love, and harmony in this world.
We must recognize and contemplate on our brave
companion, Coretta, knowing how she must have felt upon
receipt of a letter from the Reverend Martin Luther King,
confined from his cell, asking that she be remain firm in
belief and determination. He stated, ‘"I know this whole
experience is very difficult for you to adjust to, but as
I said to you yesterday, this is the cross that we must
bear for the freedom of our people…"

This is the cross that women of the 21st century must
embrace and continue to carry, knowing in our hearts that
Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King have become
archangels of freedom, justice, and spirituality.

The Reverend Martin Luther King constantly spoke of
the role of women, sharing that the women in the present
era must not be afraid to become tomorrow’s leaders and
address the continuous issues of discrimination, poverty,
and oppression. He had a dream, and Coretta Scott King in
her strong, faithful spiritual manner, continued the noble
pursuit of that dream.

Now it is us who will fulfill that dream in the
21st Century. The Reverend Martin Luther King shouted,
"I had a dream" with all his heart. He would stare into
the heavens, then fix his eyes upon Coretta Scott King.
He knew that his wife was (as women are) the essence
of that dream.

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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