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Note from a Family Supporter Outside Hutto Prison

Email from Jose Orta:

A small group of us gathered in front of the T. Don Hutto facility in Taylor this bitterly cold Saturday morning of February 3rd to witness the release of the Palestinian family from the Dallas area.

Their plight was highlighted in the Austin American Statesman yesterday and today and word came early this morning that they were to be released at 10:00am. A family desperate to escape a land filled with civil strife, seeking the American Dream, found themselves living an American nightmare: false imprisonment, detention, separation and the loss of freedom. It was a total injustice.

A long black limousine drove into the prison parking lot and the family was unceremoniously and quickly rushed to the car. We clapped and cheered as they drove by on their way back home. Hopefully they saw that people out in the community were supporting them and were bearing witness to the injustice done to them.

It was a small victory. We need to continue to publicize what is transpiring in this prison in the name of Homeland Security.

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