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Jay Reports from the Border Caravan

Email from Jay Johnson-Castro

Greetings all…

Here’s my first shot at an e-mail in well over a week. I’m sure many of you have enjoyed the break(:})…Please share this with those whom you know support our cause.

The Border Caravan of Marcha Migrante II left Douglas, AZ yesterday…traversed NM and we arrived in El Paso to a wonderful reception by Mayor John Cook, two other regional mayors and the media. It was refreshing to get back to the Texas Mexico border where there exists amistad…friendship.

Along the CA, AZ and NM borders…there is no river community like there is on the Rio Grande Corridor. In the western states, there is the harsh and gut-wrenching reality that death is the result of a perverted border wall mentality.

Thousands of people die trying to reach the land of hope and dreams. I have photographic proof of a secret mass grave of hundreds of unknown victims. A Minuteman presence exists which is more than willing to tramautize the humble and the poor and to treat them like garbage rats. I’ll discuss more about that in another communique.

The walls that exist and are being extended along the CA border is an moral and environmental American tragedy. Once Texans see what is really proposed…they’ll clearly stop it from happening in Texas which has 65% of the US-Mexico border. That will work for the good of the entire county.

We leave this morning for Redford , TX …just south of Presidio…to conmemortate the life of Esequiel Hernandez that was shot in the back by a camoflauged Marine while he was herding his family goats. We will then move on down the Rio Grande to Lajitas where we will protest the amputaion of Paso Lajitas by Homeland Security. It’s the small village across the river that has always been at peace, harmony and bonded with the Texas side. No city or community on the entire 4000 mile Canadian border has been treated so cruely.

In Lajitas, we will be hosted by Daniel Hostettler of the Lajitas resort.

We will arrive in Del Rio and Acuna tomorrow, stopping in Langtry along the way. That will put us half way two days from Brownsville . From Laredo to Brownsville , we’ll be stopping briefly in most of the cities to allow folks to join the Border Caravan. Most of the Hwy. 83 mayors are going to be meeting our motorcade of 6 cars. We hope you join us if you can.

HUTTO. You must be sharing my joy at the release of the Ibrahim family. I understand now that ICE has not let the father out of the Haskell prison camp. Governor Perry must not be pleased proud that Haskell is becoming more recognized for un-American treatment of people who want to be Americans…than his “hometown”.

We will be holding Vigil IV in Taylor on the 12th…as planned. We will notify you in a day or so of the exact time. It is imperative that all the innocent children and their mothers be released immediately. To do otherwise is not only immoral but criminal…by innternational law…a law that evidently the current administration refused to uphold…let alone respect. And we call ourselves a country of law and order…and NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND.

When we do meet up on this caravan…I’ll be proud to introduce you to Enrique Morones. This man is a champion of the abused immigrant. He is loved and respected by those sincere humans of all walks of life…wherever he goes. He is doing all he can to prevent the deaths of the poor who come here wanting to be Americans. Men, women…and children.

Finally…a request to all of my journalist friends. AP put out a report last month from Del Rio . It refered to a “stand off” between the national guard and some armed Mexicans on the US side of the border. I have confirmed from our local media that they have filed a complaint with the AP Dallas bureau. The San Antonio reporter merely happened to speak with a border patrol sargeant in Del Rio …about a supposed incident in NM or AZ. Anti immigrant talk show hosts are using this report and incident to promote the arming of the national guard all along our border. Supposedly it was a Tennessee national guard unit in AZ. Why were they there? Is there any proof that there was a confrontation? Could this be the way things are done…putting out erroneous reports to create histeria?

So, I appeal to the media to verify the facts…and if the facts reveal that someone is willfully tampering with the truth via the media to intensify border hostilities…please expose it. We do not want our border to continue to be the victim of media misinformation like Iraq was.

I hope to see you soon…


P.S. A very special thank you to those of you who are helping cover the expenses of my trip.

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