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Diversity Rally–Feb. 18, 2004

Compelling Interest: Diversity at A&M

Featuring the Aggie March for


Sponsored by Faculty Committed to an Inclusive Campus


Committed to an Inclusive Campus (FCIC) is a group of faculty at Texas A&M University that seeks to

increase diversity at TAMU and make our campus a welcoming environment for everyone. FCIC has a broad

vision of diversity which includes race, class, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and identity,

religion, geographic origin, age, and disability.

More info below, flyer at “Download”


Dear Campus Organization Representative,

On behalf of the FCIC Rally

Organizing Committee, I am writing to invite your organization to participate in the upcoming rally and

march, “Compelling Interest: Diversity at A&M,” to be held on Wednesday,
February 18th, 2:00-5:00

p.m. at the Rudder Fountain Plaza.

At the rally, we will have tables staffed with FCIC

members and individuals from other organizations to speak with passersby about diversity,

myths about diversity, and publicize our positions on diversity issues.


3:00 p.m., we will invite all campus and community members who support diversity at Texas A&M to join

us in the Aggie March for Diversity. After a brief statement, the march will step off at 3:15, wind

its way through campus, and end up back at Rudder Fountain. The rally has already been mentioned in The

Eagle, and we expect to draw a strong media presence.

To help us organize and put on the

rally, we are asking your organization:

1. Whether you wish to sign on as an official

co-sponsor of the teach-in and march. Co-sponsoring does not entail a financial obligation. If you wish

sign on as a co-sponsor, please contact Brenda Bethman at or Larry Oliver at l

2. To encourage your organization’s members to come to the rally and

especially to the march at 3:00.

3. To recruit volunteers to staff tables (in half-hour

blocks) during the rally. Please tell your members that anyone interested in staffing a table should

contact Cecelia Hawkins at

Please let us know as soon as possible,

whether you are interested in participating in the rally and march. We are looking forward to a strong

show of support for diversity on this campus and hope that you and your organization will join us. If

you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,


Berger and Joseph Jewell

Faculty Committed to an Inclusive


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