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Free the Children: Sunset-Candlelight Vigil IV at Hutto

Email from Jay Johnson-Castro

Mornin’ amigos…

The Border Caravan arrived in Del Rio last night. We take off for Mission today and Brownsville tomorrow.

We should all be encouraged and emboldened by the amount of focus that we’ve generated about the Hutto prison camp. Please remind everyone that on this coming Monday…Feb 12th…at 5:30pm…we will hold Vigil IV. It will be a sunset-candlelight vigil. Please bring a candle. Please bring a concerned fellow American. Please share this with friends and neighbors.
The Hutto prison camp … and anything like it … must be closed down. Innocent children and their mothers do not belong in a high security for profit prison anywhere on this planet Earth … let alone in America … right here in the State of Texas .

We must free these children. Every day that they spend in a cell is an American tragedy…and an American crime. Those who think otherwise have no business with power and authority. They should suffer what they have prescribed for these innocent children. Let them be judged as they have judged. The victims in Hutto are not a cancer in our country. Those who would treat them as such, however, are! We the People…must make this ever so clear and we have a chance to make sure that they are freed….

Interestingly, Gov. Perry’s hometown of Haskell has the prison camp that still holds the father of the Ibrahim family. How many other stories are there? There are prison camps being built all over Texas … for profit.

Every city or county official that has permitted this needs to be approached just as the commissioners of Williamson County were. They showed what side of freedom they were on when they voted unanimously to extend the lease of Hutto for two more years. Now the residents of Williamson County know what side of the line they are on. The same needs to be done everywhere a prison camp exists and is being built.

How about the tent camp in Raymondville? How about the camp that is being built in Laredo , Del Rio and in other places across the state … and across the country. FOR PROFIT.

Hope to see y’all in Taylor . Don’t forget to check Map Quest. 1400 Welch.

Let’s free the children…



The Border Ambassador



Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.

Del Rio, Texas, USA
Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila , Mexico

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