Juan Angel Guerra reports on Pecos Migrant Detainees

Email from Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.

Afternoon y’all…

I am forwarding some of you information that I have received from Juan Guerra. Juan is the attorney who was Dist. Attorney and County Attorney for Willacy County where the infamous Raymondville tent camp is. As an opponent of “for profit” prisons, he is now working pro-bono for some 100 immigrants who are incarcerated in the GEO detention facility in Pecos, TX.

It was at the Pecos GEO facility where the recent riots were triggered by the death of two inmates due to the medical neglect of GEO. According to Juan, the prison is still smoldering, but corporate media is typically not covering it.

Juan is not being allowed to visit his clients, most of whom hold green cards. He is taking his case to the Federal Court this coming Thursday morning, Feb. 12. The court opens at 8am. Evidently friends and family members will join in a protest demanding habeas corpus.

This is further proof that private “for-profit” companies should not be allowed to run prisons. They cheat the taxpayer and neglect the inmate in order to attain higher stock profits. . . .


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