Can the Candidates Say Stop the Wall? March 4 March 4

Asking your support for a walk from Brownsville to Mission

email from Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.

Good morning mis amigas y amigos…

I write you first…in the hopes that you will help us make history…just as you already have in the past and are all ready doing. We have a special opportunity to not only make history but alter it in a meaningful and beneficial way.

It’s been a half a century since Texas has been a key player in the selection process of the President of the United States. The March 4 Texas primaries will play such a pivotal role in the selection of the presidential candidates for both parties. Before they get the Texas delegates, we have a chance to…and need to…make sure that the issues of the Texas-Mexico border are on their lips…during the debates and during their campaigning. For example…”No Border Wall”.

We are the poorest region, not only in Texas, we are the poorest region in the entire country. We are the dumping grounds for northern part of Texas and the Middle America. ASARCO, nuclear waste and profit prisons. We are the target of political corruption and human indignities by outside forces. As a result of the policies of a corrupt leadership, we are a militarized zone that is going to double in militarization by the end of the year, which will include mercenary forces like Dynacorp and Blackwater.

We are under assault by not only the ruling elite but divisive and prejudicial forces that would build an “iron curtain” between friends and loved ones. We are in the cross hairs of the military-industrial architects of being the Israeli-Palestinian border conflict of this continent…which is good for corporatism and bad for democracy. We already have “defense” contractors drooling over the militarization of the land that we love. Now…finally…we have a chance to get our message out…and in doing so, help decide who will win the primaries.

So, in just two weeks we will be walking again…marching…to garner the attention of the remaining presidential candidates…before the debate and before the Texas primaries. Below is the route for the March 4 March 4…starting at UT Brownsville and ending at La Lomita Chapel.

Seven days. Feb. 25 to March 2. 63 miles over 7 days is a casual 9 miles a day. Ends on a weekend…going through Saturday and ending on Sunday. Great for momentum. Plenty of time to hold special events along the way if someone wanted to.

We can become the human wall that stops the cruel and destructive wall of prejudice. Our voices and our presence cannot be ignored any longer. Up until now, the public…the grass roots…have had little way of voicing their outrage against the wall before the elected officials make their decision, before the primaries or before the elections. It’s always the Cheroffs, Cornyns, Perrys, judges and mayors who get their voices heard…often without the approval or blessings of we the people. Common folks like Eloisa Tamez would never be heard if it were not for the power of our media. Now, the national network media is being forced to cover our love of the border culture to the rest of America. A March prior to the Obama-Clinton debate and the Texas primaries will allow we the common people to be seen and common voices to be heard even more.

The walk is designed specifically to impact the Obama-Clinton debate on Thursday the 28th. It will in turn impact the Texas primaries on Tuesday, March 4th…which takes place two days after we make la frontera a major bargaining chip in the garnering of delegates. There are going to be people from all over the country that will in some way want to be a part of this. The media has been waiting for something like this from the people.

This is our chance to expose all that is corrupt in this country…a corruption that wants to harm the goodness, solidarity and amistad that dwells here on the border. We’ll do this with the power of our reason, using the truth that has set us free from falsehood.

We hope that others will free themselves once they know what evils are behind this wall and the militarization of the part of the world we love. We will show them how we get along…multi-racial, multi-lingual, multi-ethnic, multi-socio-economic, multi-religious…and we can let them know we want them to leave us the hell alone. Better yet, they might want to learn from us.

We will do this by exercising our loves and passions for the truth, for fellow humans, for the earth and for the Grand Designer of all that we enjoy. We will do this in a law abiding way. We will show what the exercising of democracy from the ground level…”we the people”…on up really means and how it can be done.

You are the ones I feel have helped the most from the beginning of this quest some 16 months ago. Some have dropped out while others have joined in since. But everyone counts in this quest. Y’all are the ones who have helped made a difference. Now…let’s make the change.

Can we stop the wall? “Yes we can”.

In solidarity…


Driving Directions

Start address: E Elizabeth St

End address: Levee Rd

View Larger Map

Start at: E Elizabeth St

1. Head northwest on E Elizabeth St toward Gorgas Dr – 0.4 km

2. Turn right at Int’l Blvd – 95 m

3. Turn left at E Washington St – 1.6 km

4. Turn left at Palm Blvd – 0.1 km

5. Turn right at W Elizabeth St – 0.8 km

6. Turn right at Central Blvd – 1.2 km

7. Turn left at Boca Chica Blvd/Military Hwy/US-281 Continue to follow US-281 – 76.9 km

8. Turn right at Cage Blvd – 3.2 km

9. Turn left at W Dicker Dr – 4.7 km

10. Turn right at S 10th St/TX-336 – 2.4 km

11. Turn left at FM-1016/W Military Hwy – 3.
6 km

12. Turn left at Acapulco Ln – 0.7 km

13. Continue on E FM-1016 – 4.6 km

14. Continue straight onto FM-494/Military Rd – 0.5 km

15. Turn left toward Levee Rd – 0.3 km

16. Turn left at Levee Rd – 0.1 km

Arrive at: Levee Rd

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