Recollecting Mrs. King from Leavenworth Prison

"She stands up and waves,
As a flower she poses
but she is never still,
knows no rest.
Her heart is always in flight.
With her hand she makes signs,
with her eyes she beckons.
She moves her eyes in an arch,
she smiles, goes about laughing and
loving passionately,
shows her charm and love.


By Ramsey Muñiz

I am man and Mexicano enough to share my writing of this most spiritual letter as tears cover my Mexika face. They are tears of sadness and unbelievable pain as I heard the evening news that Corettta Scott King had just died. Yes, she died physically but has risen spiritually once again for all the oppressed and confined humans in America. How can I forget my meeting Coretta Scott King in Dallas during a march against the brutal attacks against Blacks and others by the police? Her face glowed of spirituality, and I could feel the love and power in her heart from the Reverend Martin Luther King, her husband, is presently awaiting her arrival this very second as I share this letter.

The Reverend Ralph Abernathy was also one of the main speakers at this event for freedom and respect as human beings in this country. Coretta King’s rebirth as an archangel of liberation and justice will be even greater now because she left a legend of strength, courage, patience, compassion, and love — not only for mankind, but for women of all races in the 21st century. I continue to advocate and predict that the 21st century will be led in the world by women of all races and countries. This is not only because of their intelligence and consciousness for humanity, but for the power of life and spirituality as they give life to this world of ours.

Personally, I will be fasting for the next three days, praying and seeking the enlightenment of the Reverend Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King into my heart.

I will never forget when I finished speaking on behalf of nuestra raza. She came to me and spoke these words I shall treasure forever saying, "Son, do not ever give up the struggle for justice of all people."

Here I am in the dungeons of this oppressor and regardless of how dark or cold it becomes, I will never give up the struggle for justice and freedom of all oppressed people. In Topan (heavens) there are many liberators of humanity who this very night are providing the energy, strength, spirituality, and power in our hearts and minds in order that we who find ourselves in the battle against oppression, discrimination, and confinement can be able to carry out the destiny that in reality was part of our lives since the time of our birth.

I love and have been loved. Everywhere in the heavens a woman’s soul of liberation and justice has come to bless and sweeten my exhausted life in this mode of cruel darkness. I pray tonight to Coretta Scott King that when she enters into my world here in this unjust darkness, I want only to show her something I have seen and to tell her something I have heard…that here in these oppressed dungeons and there in the world and now and then in ourselves, there is a new creation! It is a new creation of those who are seeking freedom, seeking the truth of spirituality, the practice of spirituality, and the embrace of spirituality once and for all.

It is a very sad night indeed, but at the same time I feel a certain light of happiness knowing that Mrs. Coretta Scott King, her husband, and all liberators are clearing the path of injustice, and providing for us the positive energy of not ever giving up this struggle, regardless of the chains and shackles bounding our bodies. Regardless of how we are unable to touch the hands and hearts of those we love so dearly, regardless of how some of us are indefinitely imprisoned for a crime never committed against mankind, she will be with us forever and her spiritual rebirth will become part of our cultural consciousness and awareness. Que viva Tonantzin! Que viva Coretta Scott King! Que vivan las mujeres de este mundo!

In exile,

Message dated 1/31/06; received via email from Irma L. Muñiz Feb. 11, 2005.–gm

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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