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Johnson-Castro Shares Photo of Mass Graves at the Border

Email from Jay Johnson-Castro

Day before yesterday…when the media toured Hutto … I was wrapping up a Border Caravan journey from San Diego , CA to Brownsville , TX . On every stop … before the media and the interested groups and political leaders … I spoke about all the innocent children and their moms in Hutto and the Ibrahim and Suleiman families. Folks rejoiced with me as we heard about the successful release of the entire Ibrahim family. Folks are outraged about the deportation of the Suleiman family. I can assure you the groundswell of opposition to this tyrannical rule by greedy fascism is growing faster than yeast can raise bread dough!
Later on today…I will send you pictures of something far more morbid than Hutto. I beg that you share this as I shared the plight of the Ibrahims and the Suleiman. Mass graves…fresh ones…on American soil … !!! Graves of desperate immigrants who died … one way or the other … on their quest for the American dream. If none of those here are not already on my e-mail list … let me know if you want those pictures.

Attached is a sample. If you use your power of reason and find yourself asking questions … basic questions … about what your mind sees in this picture … I hope you’ll help me crack this case wide open. I want to know about everyone that is supposed buried in this trench. How many men, women, children. Who pays to do this, who gets paid…and how much. Who did the autopsies…and how did these people die. Use your photo program and zoom in on this picture. Let your mind go beyond the superficial. And … why were so many buried at the same time … like the day before we were there. Ours are the first foot prints on this soil!

The truth must and will be told to the American public about these mass graves …. just as we successfully got the truth about Hutto and the Palestinian families out to the media … and we forced ICE to capitulate. We will do it again … and again … and again! Until … we break the back of this tyranny.

Also … PLEASE join us in Taylor tomorrow for Vigil V. There are hundreds of children more that need to be freed … just as the Ibrahim children are now free. We need treat this as a fire in the old days … with a bucket brigade of folks who want to save lives. We cannot simply do nothing. We must do all we can NOW to free the children. One more day of living in a cell … is one day too long.

Tu amigo…



The Border Ambassador



Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.

Del Rio , Texas , USA
Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila , Mexico

Mass graves at Holtville Cemetery near San Diego, California Jay renumbers Monday’s upcoming vigil to five, in consideration of those who protested during the Hutto media tour Friday.–gm

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