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Hutto Vigil VI: LULAC Joins Cause, Media Access Demanded

“We all made a commitment to drawing a line between the two Americas,” said an upbeat Johnson-Castro by phone, speaking about Vigil VI at the T. Don Hutto immigration jail.

The vigil drew about 50 folks, along with news cameras from ABC and NBC affiliates.

“People are angry,” said Johnson-Castro. “Even the media are angry because they can’t even talk with the children on the inside.

“What do you think about a government that holds itself up as a great protector of free speech, bu then denies free speech to children in prison?”

President Rosa Rosales from the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) pledged her organization to the cause of closing down Hutto and all the children’s prisons.

The Palestine Solidarity Committee from the University of Texas, Democrats from Williamson County, and local LULAC members joined a few “caravan people,” which is Jay Johnson-Castro’s term for folks who have been traveling with him since Feb. 2, when the Marcha Migrante II Border Caravan left San Diego.

“It’s criminal what’s happening at Hutto. The people doing this ought to be on the inside with the children on the outside,” said Johnson-Castro.–gm

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