Isenberg: 'With My Sleep are the Nightmares'

Below is a reply from Ralph Isenberg to an email query from the Texas Civil Rights Review. We were interested in news about his efforts to return the Suleiman twins home to America.–gm

Sadly, I have nothing to report about this family. Over the past several months I have stayed in contact with Ayman and offered what comfort I can merely sitting by my computer in Dallas. It will take an act far bigger than what I can produce to bring this family home.

At present, my immigration work is greatly reduced because frankly the work brings back too many painful memories of what I experienced to free my family.

I make no excuse for this. It teaches me the explosive result immigration has on families. Every member of my family feels the pain of what the government did to us. What they did was wrong. I was big enough to fight back and prevail. What about those that can not.

I hope one day to be able to continue the fight. Ayman and his family need me. Too many families have suffered.

To those that fight these wrongs, thank you. To those that have been hurt, I pray you prevail. No decent American should sleep well at night knowing how we treat foreign nationals. With my sleep are the nightmares of what might have been had I not prevailed.

Ralph Isenberg

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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