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Mexicano Spiritual / Cultural Life Force

The enclosed writiings from Ramsey Muniz represent many years of research on our ancient spirituality, culture, and history. Please distribute.–Irma L. Muniz

Our sisters and brothers from Aztlan must one day soon visit our masonry — temples and altars in the Holy Land of Mexico. They are so beautiful! Our ancient masons were the greatest architects. They left us a foundation and we are now rebuilding the temples by nature of being Mexicano.

Cultured Sixth Sun Mexicanos are living houses and hearts of these temples. We create awareness and consciousness
(Mexicayotl) so powerful that we are a life force. We possess
a clarity that our masons once possessed una vez, en un tiempo
en Aztlan. From this confined mode of darkness, I know they
knew that un dia, una manana, during the era of our Sixth Sun,
their Mexicano sisters and brothers would do their homework and
create an awareness and use their craft to rebuild the temple
and in a spiritual sense build ourselves.

Our love, spirituality, courage and compassion describe our true Mexicano tribe. We are the most exquisite living art, and our art form is Nahuatl. We not only sound beautiful, we are beautiful. The beauty and intensity of our love, care, and
concern is similar to a divine, spiritual love that our ancient
masons possessed in the dawn of our civilization. Now as we
organize ourselves in Aztlan, we will realize the relationship
between the masons of our Holy and Aztlan, and the free and
accepted Mexicanos/Mexicanas of the present day, to understand
the process by which our "core" changed from an operative art
to a speculative science. So we of the Sixth Sun shall
attentively study, read, and thoroughly digest these ancient
records of our brotherhood.

The Mexican codices are essential to our studies. We will
acquire them, for we know that historically they refer to the
regeneration or rebuilding of the temple, and symbolically to
the regeneration of life. Hermanos y hermanas, nosotros somos
la fuerza de vida nueva de los masones de una vez en un tiempo
de Aztlan. We must learn how they built the temple of
spirituality and how to build ourselves step by step, degree
by degree.

We must not reject the signs and symbols. Every keystone they placed in the center of every arch and doorway shall secure spiritual stability in our daily lives. Every cornerstone they laid with impressive ceremonies was done so in our honor. The cornerstone is the stone that forms the corner and foundation of an edifice, and for this reason we are the living permanence and durability of the cornerstone of Aztlan. We are a well-formed true and trusting people.

Mexi (God) is the Master Builder of souls and in Torquemada’s
Monarquia Indiana we learned that Mexi, our God and Creator,
gave us his name proclaiming us worthy of the spiritual/cultural
building of eternal life, fitted as living stones for an
eternal house in Tamoanchan. Tezcatlipoca, an archangel of
Mexi, is the chief cornerstone. In Mexicayotl (Mexican masonry),
the "chief cornerstone" signifies a true Mexican. We are master
builders as our ancient masons were. We are building the temple
through our Mexican identity and essence and the architectural
plan of Mexi, for He revealed it to us. We know the reason
they left the beautiful sculptures for us.

On the same subject matter, in the Xultun Tarot by Peter Balin, one will find the flight of the feathered serpent. Peter Balin reveals the esoteric teachings as taught by our maestras y maestros once in Aztlan. Our school of mystery was united with that of the kingdom of Maiam (Mayam, land of the Mayans) and it was there that our school flourished and our maestras and maestros enlightened generations of our native tribesmen and tribeswomen. We see that the symbols remain eternal flames of truth. Our young Mexika students must learn the Xultun and take spiritual flight lessons from the feathered serpent. We are Xultun incarnated and we definitely know how to take to the sky
like true Mexicans.

En verdad os digo, even in the confinement of this mode of darkness, nothing in this world is impossible to those who
dare to scale the heights of Aztlan. We are at heaven’s doorstep. What a great time to be alive! Van a ver, mi raza!

The time has come within the spheres of our Sixth Sun (spiritual consciousness) to study, learn and share our ancient religious history, especially the writings of Ramirez Tezozomoc Hernando in Cronica Mexicana Codices. This last entry by Tezozomoc and the one by Torquemada explained a lot about the Ark of the
Covenant which Mexicanos de la raza carried. It reads like
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, only this ark
was Mexi (the Creator) art of the covenant, which He had
entrusted to us.

It’s a story many have forgotten, and many Mexican men and women in the best universities in America don’t know about the ark. Some of them wouldn’t care even if they did know, so one positive thing about Christian fundamentalist Mexicans is that the story of the Ark of the Covenant is not unfamiliar. They know about Noah and the ark he built to save God’s people and about Moses making the Red Sea open to save his people when pursued by Pharaoh. We have our own Ark of the Covenant with which we were entrusted and in it we carried Mexi’s laws. We received them and three Mexicanos/Mexicanas personally carried the ark and guarded it.

We have our own Noah who was named Ixtacmixcuatl (Ish-tok-mish-coh-aht), "white cloud serpent," and our own
Moses (Quetzalcoatl), who made the waters part and our gente
went through while the pursuers were engulfed by the
waters. Torquemada in his writings (Monarquia Indiana)
tells us in detail about the great flood and he refers to
Ixtac as "El Noe Mexicano." We must continue to refer to
our ancient history and writings in order to concentrate
on building an Aztlan foundation by educating, inspiring,
and organizing the masses of our people. We must provide
the means of re-educating nuestra gente about our past
in the present. Jesus once said, "Man cannot live by
bread alone."

In exile,


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