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Free All the Victims of Immigrant Prison Camps

Email from Jay Johnson-Castro.

Mornin’ y’all…

It was indeed a privilege to visit day before yesterday with Reza, the fiancé of Suzi Hazahza. We have much to learn and much more to do…to fully expose the reality of Hutto and Haskell…and any prison camp that unjustly and inhumanely victimizes sincere fellow humans that are seeking the American dream. Hutto is about to be gutted. Haskell is soon to be fully exposed…then gutted.
We need to coordinate open records requests. We need to get the details of who is being victimized on the inside of these prison camps. The information is too occult…secret…for an open society. Too much money is involved. Those responsible sadistically care more about money than they do about humanity. That’s where we the grass roots come in.

At the same time…we cannot just be working within the system. We must make the system work. Hundreds of children and innocent people fall victim every day…while we only to get a few out every month. We need to bring to a halt such atrocities in our country and indict those who would commit such atrocities.

While it would be a victory to get another Ibrahim or Hazahza family out…we need to get them all out. We need to free all those who for whom we do not have names or faces. If beautiful Suzi and Mirvat are being treated the way they are…how many hundreds of others are there for whom we do not yet have a story? That’s my personal quest. I have no funding. I’m not an attorney. All I have is my heart and mind…with the passion and conviction to bring an end to this perversion and corruption of a free land…and free the victims. ALL of them.

Once one family is released…will the work to free all the others that they do not know…just as we tried to free them that we did not know? Hopefully so. Once that happens…we will have much more rapid success. We need to learn from all those that we now know…about what’s going on inside these prison camps.

We need to collect names, countries, numbers, experiences. How many men vs. women…etc. How long have they been detained. We need a story for every one who is imprisoned unjustly. We need to get beyond the political spin jargon and start using grass roots language. We must personalize the situation of each victim in order to expose these crimes against humanity. Once accomplished…the grassroots of Haskell County and the City of Haskell will respond as did the citizens of Taylor and Williamson County . With outrage…and demand…and with protest.

We must expose the plot to make money off of a warped and fraudulent “homeland security” scam. We must get the contracts between ICE and Haskell County and with Emerald. Let’s look at the money…and see who benefits and who has the most to loose as we expose this un-American and immoral scheme.

That’s my personal goal. That’s what has not been done yet…and what needs to be done most urgently.



The Border Ambassador



Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.

Del Rio, Texas, USA
Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila , Mexico

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