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The Abilene Reporter-News updates the Hazahza case on the day when Homeland Security attorneys are scheduled to present their reasons for holding the family at the Rolling Plains prison in Haskell.

A short documentary by Sean Cunningham about one of the Hutto vigils will air on PBS Austin affiliate KLRU March 9 at 8pm.
The Texas Observer is also keeping up with Hutto and the ACLU challenge to imprionment of children.

The Stamford Star has posted a report by correspondent Jim Collins on the “Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free Walk” that passed through town last Friday.

The Culkin women at Red Peonies Blog find it difficult to think of John Neck as a sidekick. Oh, and they won’t be the last readers to howl at the way credits get skewed in our writeups. But they are better sports than some. Must be something in their upbringing. Check out the Red Peonies Blog.

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