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Lip Service to Latin America, Prison Camps Back Home

“I don’t think America gets enough credit for trying to help improve people’s lives. And so my trip is to explain, as clearly as I can, that our nation is generous and compassionate,” said the USA President on his Latin America tour.

Meanwhile back home, Homeland Security officials:

-left two infants dehydrated for lack of mother’s milk when they flew 90 Guatemalan women to a Texas prison camp
-continued to hold children at the T. Don Hutto prison camp in Texas

-argued that a six-month term at a state prison was legal for an entire immigrant family who allegedly failed to appear for an immigration appointment

-and claimed that prison conditions were irrelevant to deciding the just cause of an immigrant family’s imprisonment

Mr. President, we read your lips. Please pick up a phone and free Suzi Hazahza.–gm

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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