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On Children's Rights, We Stand with the World

Newsweek’s Ellis Cose reports that mail is running 50-to-1 in support of a Texas legislator’s attempt to criminalize births in Texas. But Jay Johnson-Castro answers with international law.–gm

Hey y’all…

I sent the following e-mail out nearly two months ago. To my knowledge, not one legal mind or organization has keyed in on the UN’s Rights of the Child. If someone had…there would be Congressional outrage by now…and even an international investigation.

I know it’s a lot to ask…to keep reading about innocent children that are in prison on American soil. But one day of a preschool, elementary school or a high school student being imprisoned in American because he or she is an immigrant is one day too long.
BUT…someone has to free these kids and their moms! Who will do that? We must keep pushing until they can “breath free”. Knowing that razor wire was taken down and plastic plants put in the prison hallways of Hutto does not make Hutto any less a gross violation of the Rights of the Child. …

Aside from Texas …Just ask Tacoma , Washington . Ask Massachusetts . How American is ICE? How humane…or rather…inhumane is the conduct of Chertoff’s armed forces that is ravaging our county? But…don’t ask Tony Snow.

Bush directs his henchman, Chertoff, to use his ICE company to round up the helpless and innocent…and then spend $7000 per month of our hard-earned taxpayers’ money per child to keep them in a prison cell. $7000 per month…to hold one innocent child in a cell…is paid to a private for-profit prison company…friends of the administration.

DeLay took $100,000 from Corrections Corp of America…the Hutto for-profit prison company. Gov. Perry took $10,000 last year just before CCA opened Hutto. Is it any wonder that he’s so quiet and has yet to speak out about this inhumane children’s prison in Texas…just 35 miles northeast of his luxurious surroundings in Austin. And then we the taxpayers pay billions of dollars to round up these working people…sometimes with their children…and sometimes not.

Most of Americans think Walter Reed is disgraceful American…and a failure of the current administration. But that’s because it got national coverage. Treating American troops as a commodity in a privatized for-profit hospital scheme is repulsive. Ask those very same Walter Reed soldiers how they’d feel about the same government imprisoning innocent children…in America…by the same for-profit elitists…and see what they think. Is that why they serve and sacrificed themselves for their country?

Will someone with a legal or international relations mind…PLEASE…try to explain why Americans get all outraged over the torture camps in other parts of the world and can’t see what’s going on right here in our own country? And these same demented, immoral and corrupt acts are being committed by the same for-profit forces.

To imprison a child is an international crime. And…will someone PLEASE look at the attached Rights of the Child document and tell me what part of that United Nations resolution IS NOT being violated with depravity by Bush, Chertoff & ICE?

And where’s the courage of the free press of America? Has investigative reporting in this country become that corporate and ratings driven that the great investigators can’t challenge Chertoff and ICE? Why don’t they demand to interview the hundreds of innocent children and their moms who are not even charged with a crime? My gosh! Murderers on death row get comfy feel good interviews by the media all the time.

So…what is it that ICE does NOT want you, the media…or we the public…to know? Does not the very secrecy of ICE in itself belie the darkness that is being hidden?

Is it time for indictments…yet? But of course…who has the power to indict Chertoff? Gonzales? How about Congress?

How about “We the people of the United States ”? Think about it. Do “We the people”…a government “of the people, by the people and for the people”…have jurisdiction to indict the abusers of these children?


P.S. Hot of the press from Newsweek/MSNBC…



From: Jay J. Johnson
Sent: Thursday, January 18, 2007 12:07 PM

Subject: UN Rights of the Child

Afternoon amigos…

For those within our ranks that are legal experts, I have attached a copy of the UN’s Right of the Child…along with some highlights.

Essentially, Chertoff, ICE and Hutto are in flagrant non-conformance with he most basic laws and moral standards on children’s rights by the way they are treating the families and the children in Hutto and other prison camps in Texas and elsewhere. This is not only immoral but criminal. There should not only be a Congressional investigation but an international investigation as well.

Additionally, I am sharing the following link. Perhaps someone knows how to access the UN’s High Commissioner on Human Rights.



The Border Ambassador



Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.
Del Rio , Texas , USA
Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila , Mexico

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