It's Pronounced Anus

I went to summer camp with a kid from Ennis. He taught us how to say the word correctly, with a really long “a.” Shall we practice reading the following article out loud?–gm

Ennis students involved in immigration protests barred from prom

KTEN Local News

ENNIS, Texas Some students won’t be allowed into Ennis High School’s senior prom tonight.
School officials say that’s because they were suspended for taking part in immigration protests earlier this week.
As many as 130 students at Ennis High School, Ennis Junior High and the Sixth Grade Center were suspended yesterday for taking part in Thursday’s march.

There have been similar protests around the country against federal immigration proposals that call for a crackdown on illegal immigrants.

Many students say they’re upset that the suspensions — which end Monday — preclude them from attending the prom.

But district officials [in Ennis] say the students were warned beforehand and knew what the consequences would be.

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