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Ramsey: ''Born with Rights Created by the Grace of God''

“To serve my family is my highest spiritual hope. It is God’s best beloved

April 4, 2009

After almost 16 years of confinement in the prisons of America, I’m of the strong
opinion that the world needs to know of the oppression, discrimination, injustice, grief, sorrow, pain, and solitary confinement that I have suffered and endured with all of my spiritual power. The time has come! I can feel it in my heart.

At times I wake up in the middle of the night feeling as if the Creator is speaking
to my heart, stating that we must not be afraid of man, for it is He, our Creator, who shall bring forth our freedom. This is the very same statement that your mother made and relayed to me.

We are not alone. The Creator knows how we have suffered deeply, how I was
chained and shackled in the hole for months, how I was chained to the hospital bed
though unconscious from a near death experience.

I was gravely ill, unable to move, and chained like an animal! I am not an animal! I am Ramsey Muniz, a human being born
with rights created by the grace of God!

In Exile,
Ramsey – Tezcatlipoca

Source: email from Irma Muniz.

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