Happiness and Thanksgiving for the Hazahza's Freedom

“I’m just so happy!” says Dr. Asma Salam over the telephone Wednesday night, laughing to the verge of tears. For the past five weeks she has kept a vigil for the freedom of the Hazahza family.

“Tonight God grants me a wonderful birthday gift.” She will see the Hazahzas free.
The phone calls started coming at 5:30 pm, after Dr. Salam had returned home from her last day of vigiling outside the Dallas Federal Court.

“It wasn’t an easy day,” she recalls. “I was so scared in my heart. I was outslde all day. My friends came to see me, but I couldn’t hear anything about the case, because there was no open hearing.”

The first call came from New York attorney Joshua Bardavid, the second from Dallas real estate mogul Ralph Isenberg, and the third from Suzi Hazahza’s finace Reza Barkhordari.

“They all told me the same thing. The family is free.”

Dr. Salam gave some thought to writing an email, but found that she was unable to type anything. Instead, she used her computer to listen to songs and read the Koran and Psalms from the Hebrew scriptures.

“I’m just so happy I cannot tell you. I was like speechless when I heard this news. Oh my God, thank you so much. How happy I am and grateful I am to God and everyone working for this issue.”

“Most of all, I want to thank Mr. Ralph Isenberg on behalf of all the Muslim community. He is the one who has been practically relieving the pain of the families one at a time. He is so passionate and so dedicated. He knows the pain of the families and he really wants to help those who are going through it.”

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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