Straight Talkin' from the Border Walker

In the following email, border walker Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Jr. (who has traveled the length of the USA-Mexico border from the Pacific ocean to Gulf of Mexico) responds to news of a “leaked secret memo” from the Department of Homeland Security that designates fence locations along the Rio Grande River. –gm

Bull sh*t…!!!

Sorry…but the DHS secret memo can only be bullsh*t. Who says it’s a secret memo? What proof is there of that?

Like everything else…it was probably and willfully leaked…with a sinister purpose. Terrorize and traumatize our own citizens…and really show who the boss is!
Now…the signers of the wall’s bill, Cornyn and Bailey-Hutchinson, can save face by appearing to be representative and intervening in behalf of the border mayors, judges, sheriffs and COPs. These Senators promised that they would not sign the bill. Then they said that their signature was only symbolic…that the wall would never be built. They are a part of the assault by “gradualism” against our border community. Too, now, the corrupt top dogs of the Texas State government can act out the role of caring “leaders”, while the border leadership run around the state and country, in vain, trying to get the elected state and national officials to see how grotesque a wall would be.

This “leaked” memo will trigger a compromise…just like Congress is having to compromise with Bush on the pull out of Iraq. It’s the same plot…at the same time. It’s part of the “war of terror”…which has been being fought on our own soil. And this is but an example.

By building the border wall…the Administration cronies would get the billion dollar contracts, Blackwater would get to build its new mercenary camp, the modern day racists and vigilante minutemen would be more emboldened, more federal troops and guardsmen would further militarize our part of the country, more “for profit” prison camps would be built along the border, more lives and families would be ripped apart, more asylum seekers would be imprisoned, more deaths would occur in the remote areas, the cost of illegal trafficking would go up, deeper corruption would plague our already corruption plagued communities on both sides of the border, our economy would be devastated, our ecology and environment would be flagrantly violated…and our culture would be trampled upon.

This administration knows all of that. This is part of their master-plan. The end result will be little different than Iraq or New Orleans. Devastation…!!!

I say…HELL NO!!!


By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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