Dear Hazahzas: Open Letter from Javier Iribarren

Javier Iribarren was one of four people who walked the final mile from Abilene to Haskell in solidarity with the Hazahzas and all mistreated immigrants. Following is his email in response to news of four more Hazahzas released.–gm

Dear Jay and all of you,

Great day indeed. I am humbled by the joy and by the enormity of the odds. I am humbled by your humility, courage and dedication, my dear friends. Last night, at home, after coming from the event honoring Dorinda alongside other feminists that have changed America, my heart became full thinking of all of you. Changing history means to talk the talk and walk the walk. It means above all to be walkers.

I want to tell the Hadahzas a few things:

We are walking
alongside you

Your fear
matters to us

Your future

Your children’s future

as important

as our future

as our children’s future

I ask for your forgiveness
from the deepest part of my heart
With the best of my soul
for taking so long
to walk alongside you
I love you

Broken homeland
Broken hearts
Broken tears
Broken promises

No more

I love you

You know where to find me my good friends

Javier Iribarren

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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