Archive on Release of Hazahzas

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Associated Press May 2, 2007, 7:30PM

DALLAS — A Palestinian man and three of his four adult children have been released from a West Texas detention facility, where they claim they were mistreated while being held in an immigration case…
[Attorney expects Ahmad’s release on Monday, May 7.–gm]

After Five Weeks of Vigiling, Dr. Asma Salam Praises God

Dr. Asma Salam holds signs outside the Dallas Federal Courthouse
(Photo by Trish Majors)

“I’m just so happy!” says Dr. Asma Salam over the telephone Wednesday night, laughing to the verge of tears. For the past five weeks she has kept a vigil for the freedom of the Hazahza family. See full story below…

On Telling the Truth to Yourself

When all is said and done, all resistance is a rupture in thought, through a declaration of what the situation is, and the foundation of a practical possibility opened up through this declaration.

Unlike what is often upheld this does not amount to believing that it is the risk, very serious indeed, which prevents a good many from resisting. It is on the contrary the non-thinking of the situation that prevents the risk, or the examination of possibles. Not to resist is not to think. Not to think is not to risk risking.

— Alain Badiou, MetaPolitics [p. 8]

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