Chinese Scholars of Houston Give $200,000 to Red Cross

From email forwarded by Steve Yang, translated by Google, with edits.–gm


After many consultations on the decision, all of the donations raised by Chinese scholars in the Houston area joint fund-raising activities will be paid to the Chinese Red Cross via the Chinese Consulate General, with $60,000 going to China’s Sichuan Red Cross, and the remaining $140,000 to the Red Cross Society of China.

Participating in the joint disaster relief fund-raising activities are the following associations and businesses (in no particular order):

Chinese Centre
Sichuan Overseas Development Association
Guangdong Association of Texas
Southern Shandong Association
American Association of Chinese experts
Houston School Graduates Association
Huaxia Chinese School
Chinese Scholars Association
Texas Association for Promoting Peaceful Reunification of China
The Association of Chinese cotton Liu
Houston Association for Promoting Peaceful Reunification of China
“China donation” Charitable Foundation
Houston restaurant industry Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Houston Branch of the National Association of Chinese
Overseas Chinese’s Bay
Houston Yellow River Chorus
Texas Chaozhouhuiguan
Texas Association of Wuyi
An Liang Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Hong Kong Hall
Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai Association of Texas
Northeast Association
Jiangxi Association
Hunan Association
Henan Association
Houston China Joint Alumni Association
Houston, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Alumni Association
Southern Chinese News
Southern Bank
Texas Chinese Taiwan
Chinese Radio 1050AM times
Asian-American Research Center of the University of Houston
Shenyang Association
Houston Coastal Chinese Association
University of Texas Houston Medical Center Student Union
Southern Fujian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Chinese newspapers,
Chinese-American Petroleum Institute
Texas Alumni Association of China University of Geosciences
US-China Joint Chamber of Commerce
Wong’s Family
SST Energy Corp.
Chinese river next to the Church
Chemistry and Chemical Industry Association of the ROC-US
Red fan dance
Reaching apartment
Society of Chinese Bios in America
Broad Health Texas International
Tsz Ching hall
Chinese Restaurant
Phoenix seafood Hotel

Note: Story corrected at request of source, June 7, 2008–gm

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