Mexican Scholar Ponders "Disaster Profiteers"

For some reason, there are people that seem to enjoy a fast race to the precipice. Reading your piece on racist intent and results, I wonder if the feeling that they are at the wheel compensates for the results.

I see very clearly, I think, some trends that spell disaster. Can China keep the pace? Can U. S. and Japan keep living off the past while becoming shabby genteel? Can some people (racist?, demagogues?, profiteers?) derive so much joy from short term kicks that they can ignore without any qualms their obvious destinations, and leave most urgent and deep problems emanating from unlawful inmigration instead of promoting an equitative, fair, realist solution, one that will disappoint demagogery but satisfy all legitimate interests?

Can we let centuries old traumae keep piloting us? What I was driving at is that ancient traumae and unfinished business (at the Middle East, for instance) are pushing us over the cliff, and lots of people seem to prefer it that way, and in general millions of people enjoy the chance of looking at some people fall first that they don´t seem to mind the certainty of soon going after them.

Rodrigo Saldaña Guerrero
Posted by permission

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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