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Rio Grande Guardian Opens New Era in Texas Journalism

Email from Jay Johnson-Castro

Hola y’all…

I have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the media. Printed, radio and television. It is only through the media that we grass roots folks can get our voices heard. The border wall. Hutto. Raymondville. Haskell. Whether local, state, national or international…mainstream or indy media and blogsphere…it is the media that allows us to connect with fellow Americans and therefore make a difference in our country and the world around us.

I am quite proud to announce a great privilege bestowed upon me by one of my favorite media sources…the publishers and editors of the Rio Grande Guardian. Although I will continue my quest in human rights activism…and work closely with all of our media friends…I have been invited to be a weekly columnist.

Steve Taylor has long been considered the one of the premiere journalists on the Rio Grande. His internet news network, the Rio Grande Guardian (RGG) has been the go to place for lobbyists, politicians (local, state and national), other media sources as well as the commercial and business community. has been a subscription source up until today.

Well…today, July 7th, is the anniversary of the Rio Grande Guardian. And officially as of today…it has a new look and a new feel…and…it is free!

Back in October…it was a phone call from Steve that sealed the reality of the first Border Wall-K…which opened a whole new chapter in my life. When Steve broke the story of the Border Wall-K…my life would change forever.

Steve also broke the story on my first Hutto Walk…and subsequent vigil. Since then, Steve has kindly posted a few of my border related stories as a guest columnist. Our relationship has now taken a more tightly woven course.

As of today, on the Rio Grande Guardian’s anniversary launch, the RGG has given me my own weekly column entitled…Inside the Checkpoints. Here is my first in a series of articles that give voice to those of us who live in the only militarized zone in America.

In future articles we will look very acutely at the life and the lives along the Texas Mexico border. If anyone feels that there is a perspective or issue that is being neglected…or that the public needs to be aware of…let’s talk! Most of you who know me…already know that I don’t care a lot about protocol. Fear and intimidation have no hold on what I say or don’t say. I believe that…while we still have a chance…we should say it like it is. Freedom is like a muscle. Use it or suffer atrophy. And this also applies. “No pain…no gain”.

We will feature our border assets and deficits. We will highlight our strengths and weakness. We will always oppose the wall. With great pride, will illuminate our special geography and culture. We’ll be fearless in dealing with the dark side. So…if you want an issue dealt with…that you might even feel is slighted or overlooked by the media…feel free to contact me personally.

We will welcome advertisers and sponsors to this page. That will help the Rio Grande Guardian to be a free news and opinion source.

Welcome…and enjoy…



Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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