Hearne Drug War Racism Coming to Small Screen in Your Home

This Week on TV: The ACLU Freedom Files: Drug Wars

The latest episode of The ACLU Freedom Files, “Drug Wars,” takes you to Hearne, Texas, where 27 young African Americans were arrested in a drug bust, based on the word of one unreliable informant. You will also see three sisters describe the devastating impact of mandatory minimum sentences on their family.
America’s “war on drugs” has done nothing to reduce drug abuse, despite massive spending on law enforcement. Instead, it has diverted resources from fighting other crimes, fostered racial profiling and put millions behind bars. Meanwhile, people with serious illnesses are cruelly prevented from accessing medications that could help them.

The “war on drugs” is a failure. Why? Because the problem is not that drugs are bad—it’s that drugs are great. Comedian John Fugelsang lays it all out in The Freedom Files: Drug Wars, saying all the things no one else is willing to say. You can watch a preview of the episode at the ACLU website:

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