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Inside the Checkpoints: Border Walls, Texas Shame

By Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.

A congressionally backed dictator has begun to violate Texas soil. Shame on the dictator! Shame on the Congress! Shame on Texas! Shame on all of us!

How is it possible that a hurricane can come into the Rio Grande Valley…providing a “Wake Up Call” to the region, the State of Texas and the Federal Government…and all the above do nothing to wake the hell up?

–Read the full column and view the photo album at Brenda Norrell’s Censored News.

–Also check out this link that Jay sent us to a film about the border wall: “The Border Wall is a new documentary from filmmaker Wayne Ewing about the attempt by the Department of Homeland Security under Secretary Michael Chertoff to erect 670 miles of walls along the 2000 mile southern border of the United States in the waning days of the Bush administration.”

–And be sure to heed this most righteous warning from the Ministry of Culture here at the Texas Civil Rights Review. If you haven’t heard The Tommy Castro Band’s “Painkiller” CD, then, my friend, it is not yet too late to get yourself right with the blues muse. Congratulations Tommy on your award for BB King Entertainer of the Year! If you’ll keep people on their feet, Jay will keep them walking!–gm

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