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Let Them Eat Maggots: Jailing Refugees in Texas

Email from Jay Johnson-Castro.

Hola amigos y amigas…

One of my journalist heroes is Victor Castillo, who I got to know quite well from the Border Wall-k. He is currently a TV reporter for CBS affiliate KGBT in McAllen, Texas. He’s one of the really rare and brave ones. He has exposed some of the grotesque conditions in the largest concentration camp on planet Earth, located in Raymondville, Texas…north of Brownsville. ICE and the nervous politicos are not happy with him.

PLEASE read the story about maggots in the refugees’ food.

Sometime this weekend, I will send you the video clip of the same newscast. But word about this crime has to get out. They are imprisoning the wrong people. The people that would do this are free…and getting rich. They should be indicted and imprisoned…but our government is protecting them like the protected the guard that sexually assaulted the mom in front of her child in Hutto and has not been charged with a crime. Those in the cover up include high up elected officials. We will bring them down.

If anyone is interested in joining in a protest on Raymondville in a couple of weeks…please let me know.

Victor is not done! But he will need your moral support. Please share this info…

In solidarity…


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