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Muniz: Mexicano Origins, Immigration, Raza Unida, & Spirituality

Ramsey Muniz writes about the origins of the Mexican
people, immigration, the Raza Unida Party, and
spirituality. Please distribute.–Irma L Muniz

10:30 PM

"The greatest Mexicano holy struggle is that of
spreading truth. Ancient writings state, "En verdad
os digo, "Mexikan (Mexi Kan yn nel-tihuani,neltihua –
Mexi (pronounced Meh-shi-khan in nel-ti-wa-ni,
nel-ti-wa-me’h-shi), que en esta lengua Mexicana quiere
decir el soldado (Kan) de Dios (Mexi) es la verdad
(neltihuani), la verdad de Dios (Neltihuamexi). En La
Monarquia Indiana (p. 293 del primer tomo) declara
Torquemada que "Los mismos naturales afirman que Mexi
es el Dios principal." Y en el mismo tomo (p. 79)
escrito esta, y en verdad Mexi nos dijo: "Ya estais
apartados, y segregados de los demas, y asi lo quiero,
que como escogidos mios, ya no os llameis Aztecas,
sino Mexicas." Y alli fue donde primeramente tomamos
este nombre de "Mexicanos."

University of Mexico City

(written in Nahuatl)

I dare you to ask ten Chicanos, Latinos, and/or Hispanics how it was that we were actually named Mexicanos.
Maybe one out of ten will have knowledge of who we really
are. If we do not know who we are, how can we ever free

Even through my dreams I’m instructed by the spirits
that our messages of cultura, politica, espiritualidad y
historia must be shared with our brothers and sisters. My
writings must be translated.

Mine has been a long, hard struggle in life, and only I
can truthfully feel the pain and agony which at the end
brings an enlightenment of love, truth, and liberation for
my people. Yet my strength, power, and desire for knowledge
and wisdom come from the love I have for la raza. It is a
destiny that I must fulfill in order for me to be at peace
in my heart with Mexi (God).

Regarding immigration, my position does not come from what is occurring at the borders of America. It comes from
our ancient writings and what we must now do in the 21st
century. We support the crossing of our people. The sad
part of this issue is that our own raza here voice their
opinions against our own Mexicano sisters and brothers. It
is so simple and clear, yet those in control will make sure
that we are confused and wrong.

Our ancient Mexika writings, codices, symbols, etc., are
similar to the Christian bible, and if there is one thing
America sets forth in one’s face, it is the bible. Well guess
what. We finally found ours, and it is also written that only
a few would be destined from the beginning.

Instead of feeling a negative attitude about the Raza
Unida Democrats, I am pleased because people can call themselves
whatever they wish. In the end it will be the same issue, the
same problem, the same injustices, and the same position of
begging for what is rightfully ours from the beginning of
creation. A couple of years ago I took a strong position
against using "Raza Unida" connected with any oppressive
political party in the United States.

Raza Unida is and will forever be Raza Unida. It was never meant for us
to sleep with the Democratic or Republican parties. People take a
position of pleasing American politics because they are afraid. It’s
that simple. Cuauhtemoc, Guerrero, Juarez, Zapata, and Villa were not
afraid of the hidden giant oppressor who waited to collect the pieces,
and at the end took our land. Tell them to address liberation and land

I believed with my heart and life the original idea of El Partido. When
the American heat and pressure came, people’s hearts changed quickly.
We will be the destined, chosen ones who will fulfill our future
politically in all Aztlan. Here I am in the dungeons of America,
knowing that if I would surrender my convictions, beliefs, and
principles to the Democratic and Republican parties, I would be a free
man. But there is this strength of love for my people that I will not
abandon or compromise.

I am a Chicano of the Sixth Sun, and my heart is full of love. For that reason I can never be defeated or denied.

Liberation, justice, and equality will bring love into our hearts
like no other love in the world. If we do not love ourselves, how can
we expect for others to love us? Love is power, love is spiritual, love
is pain, and at the end, love is liberation of the hearts. If we do not
have love in our hearts, how can we ever love our people? Amor es
nuestra destino. I love love!

Be patient. The heights of heaven are upon us this very night….

In exile,
Ramsey Muniz – Tezcatlipoca

"I am a Mexicano political, cultural, and spiritual prisoner."

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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I was recently with Ramsey Muñiz, who is very il, and has been moved from Beaumont, Tx. to a hospital in Lexington, Kentucky.
He shared the following quote from his mother upon an occasion of Ramsey having a formidable opponent in a football game in high school;

“Enseñales quen eres, de donde venas, y la sangre que corre en tus venas”-

Hilda Longoria,matriarch to


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