Projecting Invective, Evading the Constructive Voice: Who?

The Dallas Morning News pretends to editorialize in behalf of Texans when it says that Cindy Sheehan will not be welcomed here, but the editorial board is already a year too late. When Sheehan first took to the bar ditches outside Crawford she was accompanied by Texans, and Texans have been supporting her ever since. Not only does the editorial board lose its memory, but when speaking of Sheehan, it loses other basic requirements of literacy, too. For example, when accusing someone of “invective” it should be standard practice on the part of editorialists to cite some supporting evidence. After all, “invective” is a smear word. Yet, in the hands of the DMN editorial board, the slime word stands unsupported by either definition or example. Is this not the practice of invective itself, to smear without evidence?

The editorial board does establish one fact. Since the time of Sheehan’s first Crawford challenge to the war in Iraq, many others have come around. Maybe it’s time for the editorial board to realize who they are really talking about when they pretend to look to Crawford for a constructive transformation.

Come on now, you towering pundits, you can do it. Why not join a growing chorus of Texas voices for peace and reject the ultimate invective of war itself.–gm

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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