Bhopal Hunger Strike Victory: Legal Action Coming vs Carbide, Dow


NEW DELHI – Bhopal survivor organisations today celebrated victory after the Government of India announced that it will set up an Empowered Commission on Bhopal, and take legal action on the civil and criminal liabilities of Uni*n Carbide and Dow Chemical. (Read more . . . )

Hunger Strike International Home Page

“These documents show that Carbide’s officials knew that by 1989 the ground water was severely poisoned” he added.

According to Champa Devi “The new evidence not only compound the crimes against humanity committed by Uni*n Carbide, they clearly establish the serious liability of Dow Chemical, Carbide’s new owner. Dow announced its merger with Uni*n Carbide in August 1999 less than a year after Carbide’s scientists found deadly poisons in the ground water. Dow knows that a whole new generation is today being poisoned in Bhopal and so far has done nothing to prevent it”.

According to independent experts, the clean up of contamination could cost Dow up to $500 million.

Press Release November 22, 2002

Also see notes on Diane Wilson’s arrest at the Indian Consulate of Houston in June, 2008.

Note: portions of the above were previously posted in the announcements section of the Texas Civil Rights Review.–gm

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