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Vigil at T. Don Hutto detention center: Aug. 16, Noon

Email from Bob Libal–gm

The Texas Indigenous Council in conjunction with San Antonio musicians and other community groups will be holding a vigil this Saturday, August 16th, in Taylor, Texas. Demonstrators will gather at 12:00 noon at Heritage Park where they will rally until 1 pm, followed by walk for the children to T. Don Hutto detention center for the protest, vigil, and music from San Antonio artists. Please contact Antonio Diaz at (210) 396-9805 for more information and caravan times from San Antonio.

Oppose Family Detention Center Expansion

As many of you may know, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has proposed three new family detention centers to be located in different parts of the country. The facilities will expand the system of family detention that has been made notorious at T. Don Hutto.

As an op-ed against the new detention centers by University of Texas professor Barbara Hines in the Dallas Morning News said, “The proposal for new centers is a step in the wrong direction. Congress has repeatedly called on ICE, the agency within the Department of Homeland Security responsible for immigration matters, to implement alternatives to detention programs for families, stating that detention of families should be the last alternative and not the first.”

Please take time to contact your representatives, and tell them that ICE should be investing in alternatives, not creating more Hutto-like family detention centers.

As always, see for up-to-date information on Hutto and family detention.

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