Govt. by Testosterone: Rrustem Neza Re-Arrested

The man who screamed his way out of deportation has been rearrested and once again faces removal by force.

Rrustem Neza, the Albanian refugee whose brothers all were granted asylum but whose own was denied because of his previous lawyer’s alleged incompetence, was arrested at work last Friday in East Texas and now is being held at Jena, Louisiana.

He fears that he will be assassinated in Albania like some other of his relatives who were allied with a famous Albanian democrat (see our archives on Rrustem, including this overview.)

“The BICE (Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement) intends to deport him by force on a chartered aircraft, even though he would have left voluntarily if BICE had sent him the customary letter to report for deportation,” reports Neza’s attorney John Wheat Gibson of Dallas.

“His wife and son are subject to the same deportation order, but are at home,” says Gibson. “I have asked BICE to allow the whole family to leave together, but they refuse. Once again, government by testosterone.”

” We have not given up on trying to find a rational actor high enough in the government to arrange for the family to leave together,” says Gibson.

By mopress

Writer, Editor, Educator, Lifelong Student

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